How To Plan An Outdoor Team Building Event

Outdoor team building is a sure way to restore damaged office relationships and enhance your workforce's team spirit and productivity. Proper planning guarantees the success of the outdoor team-building event. This guide offers some insights to help you out as you plan your next outdoor team-building event. 

Determine The Venue 

The venue is probably the most critical aspect of any team-building event. Usually, team-building events are an opportunity for your staff to relax and interact in a new environment. Therefore, you must be cautious when deciding where to hold the activity. Preferably, ask for suggestions from your staff. Remember, they may not be very enthusiastic about visiting areas they have been to in the past. Seeking their opinions is a sure way to know the areas and activities that they might be interested in. 

Determine The Need For Facilitation

As a general rule, you should consider external facilitation when planning the outdoor event. A team-building facilitator will breathe new energy into the team and help get rid of the office environment. If the management decided to facilitate the event, the staff may feel bossed around, which beats the objectives of a team-building event. 

Usually, facilitators examine your business operations, workplace environment and employee demographics to determine the activities they should incorporate during the event. For example, they could include exercises to motivate your employees, increase their productivity, creativity, or communication skills, identify employees with leadership skills and reinforce your company's core values. 

Choose The Activities

Although your facilitator may propose several outdoor team-building activities, it is always wise to incorporate your employees' ideas. For example, it could be they would want to hike, play paintball, hold an office barbeque, go camping or race go-carts. Incorporate some of these activities with the facilitator's suggestions. It will make your employees own the event. Besides, they will be more than willing to attend the event since they have a better glimpse of what to expect. 

Set A Budget And Rules

Set a budget and date for the team-building event. If the office cannot afford to pay for the event, consider cost-cutting alternatives that will not compromise the activity's objectives. For instance, you could ask staff to cater to their transport or organise cheaper accommodations. Finally, set rules for the event. For example, you could prohibit alcohol consumption during the day. You can also create a timetable detailing when each activity will take place. 

When planning an outdoor team building event, choose a location, determine the need for facilitation, decide on the activities and set a budget and rules. Contact an outdoor team building program, such as The Rain Farm, to learn more.

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