How to Choose a Game Lodge

Would you want to go on a holiday safari? Choosing a suitable game lodge can be quite challenging. It is especially so since there are many game lodges to choose from. Below is a short guide on the various considerations you should make when choosing a game lodge. 

Check Their Website

Check the lodge's website to determine the following: 

  • Whether the lodge has an appealing ambience. Well-manicured lawns, pools, spacious accommodation, bars and proximity to wildlife are a guarantee that you will enjoy your stay at the lodge.
  • Most lodges will allow you to book online via their website. You may qualify for discounts if you make an early booking.
  • Check the reviews of previous clients on the website. Avoid lodges with lots of negative reviews.
  • Examine the foods and drinks served at the lodge. For instance, lodges run by religious organisations could prohibit the consumption of alcohol. When touring a foreign country, consider lodges that offer traditional cuisines. 

Compare Accommodation Options

Examine the lodge's accommodation options. For example, when travelling with your family, you would be interested in lodges that have family-friendly accommodation. Two or three-bedroom cottages will prove a home-like environment during your holiday. On the other hand, backpackers will be interested in lodges that allow on-site camping. Some other considerations to make as you choose suitable accommodation: 

  • Examine the security features of the cottage or room. For instance, CCTV and restricted access systems will prevent intruders from accessing your room. Besides, you could want a safe to store jewellery and travel documents.
  • Some lodges promote eco-tourism. As such, they have energy-efficient accommodation. Moreover, they limit room cleaning to conserve water resources.
  • Inspect the room for bugs and pests. Ask for a mosquito net or repellent if necessary.
  • Consider strategic rooms that face natural features such as mountains or lakes.  

Learn About Their Services

Inquire about the services provided at the game lodge. For instance, some lodges will organise morning and evening game drives. Others will offer transport services from the airport. Check the availability of fun activities such as hiking, sport fishing, canoeing and biking. 

Check the Terms and Pricing

The lodge should have friendly terms. For instance, if you will arrive late, consider lodges that operate 24/7. Check the lodge's liability policy. For example, will they offer compensation if you lost personal belongings at the lodge?  If you would want to hold a party at the lodge, examine their noise policy. 

When choosing a game lodge, assess the lodge's website, the available accommodation, services and the terms and conditions. Contact services like The Rain Farm to learn more. 

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Would you want to go on a holiday safari? Choosing a suitable game lodge can be quite challenging. It is especially so since there are many game lodge